Uncovering the Hidden Fortune – Ann Marie Horan’s Net Worth Revealed 

 February 22, 2023


Ann Marie Horan, a renowned Irish personality, has a fascinating story about her path to success and her net worth. Her journey was not an easy one, but she persevered through all the hurdles to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Ireland. Ann Marie’s net worth is a mystery as there are no public reports about it. In this blog post, we will uncover Ann Marie Horan’s hidden fortune by analyzing her life, career, and investments.

The Early Life of Ann Marie Horan

Ann Marie Horan was born in Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1970 and was raised by her parents, who were both teachers. From a young age, Ann Marie showed a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. She attended the University of Limerick, where she obtained a degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. After graduation, she worked as an IT consultant in various firms.

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The Rise of Ann Marie Horan

Ann Marie’s career path took a massive turn when she was selected for the prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneur Programme’ by the Irish government. This program played a significant role in shaping her future. She was encouraged to create her own company, which she did and named it ‘Halo Business Angel Network.’ Her company provided funds to start-ups and entrepreneurs who were looking for financial support.

This became a turning point in Ann Marie’s career, and her company grew exponentially. She also co-founded a match-making service known as ‘LetsEatIn,’ which gained great success in a short amount of time. With her immense business acumen and grit, Ann Marie started venturing into various industries, including event management, property development, and hospitality.

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Ann Marie Horan’s Net Worth

Although Ann Marie Horan’s net worth hasn’t been officially disclosed, she is estimated to have a net worth of €20-€30 million euros. This puts her among the top businesswomen in Ireland. Her investments and ventures have been incredibly successful, which has contributed to her vast fortune.

Ann Marie’s company, Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN), alone has invested in more than 200 start-ups, and some of them have gone on to become successful companies, bringing vast returns for her investors, including the National Treasury Management Agency, AIB, and Enterprise Ireland.

The Story of Ann Marie Horan’s Success

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Ann Marie Horan’s path to success wasn’t straightforward. It was filled with a lot of hardships and obstacles. She faced several challenges, but her resolve and determination allowed her to overcome them.

In one of her interviews, she recalled how she was rejected multiple times while pitching her business idea to secure investments. However, she persisted and eventually found investors who believed in her vision. She advises entrepreneurs to stay resilient, focused, and not to be deterred by setbacks.

Ann Marie Horan’s Investments

Ann Marie’s investments aren’t limited to the companies she runs. She has invested in various companies, including the popular skincare brand ‘Pestle and Mortar’ and ‘Huckleberry,’ a mental health app.

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She has also invested in Aromatherapy Associates, a popular British brand that sells essential oils and skincare products. Ann Marie has been vocal about investing in companies that share her values and beliefs.

Ann Marie Horan’s Achievements

Ann Marie Horan is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and has been recognized for her work and contribution to the industry. In 2016, she was named the ‘Image Magazine Businesswoman of the Year,’ and was also shortlisted for the ‘EY Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.

She is passionate about helping and mentoring entrepreneurs, and has spoken at numerous events about her journey and experiences, motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and visions.

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1. What is Ann Marie Horan’s net worth?
Ann Marie Horan’s net worth is estimated to be between €20-€30 million euros.

2. What is the secret behind Ann Marie Horan’s success?
Ann Marie’s success can be attributed to her resilience, determination, and business acumen.

3. What companies has Ann Marie Horan invested in?
Ann Marie Horan has invested in a variety of companies, including Pestle and Mortar, Huckleberry, and Aromatherapy Associates.

4. What awards has Ann Marie Horan won?
Ann Marie Horan has won the ‘Image Magazine Businesswoman of the Year’ award and has been shortlisted for the ‘EY Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.

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5. What was Ann Marie Horan’s first business?
Ann Marie Horan’s first business was a match-making service called LetsEatIn.

6. What advice does Ann Marie Horan have for entrepreneurs?
Ann Marie advises entrepreneurs to stay persistent, dedicated, and to not be discouraged by setbacks.

7. What is HBAN?
HBAN stands for Halo Business Angel Network, a company founded by Ann Marie Horan that invests funds in start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Ann Marie Horan’s success story has inspired and motivated countless people worldwide. Her journey from an IT consultant to a successful entrepreneur has been a remarkable one, and her contributions to the business world in Ireland are immeasurable. She has proven that anyone can rise to the top with hard work, determination, and focus. Ann Marie’s story is a testament to the fact that with resilience and dedication, anything is achievable.

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