7 Surprising Facts About Josef Hordanek’s Net Worth That You Need To Know 

 April 20, 2023


Josef Hordanek is a name that’s widely known in the business world. He is a Czech entrepreneur and investor, who is popular for his outstanding achievements in his profession. Hordanek is a man of wealth, with a net worth that ranks him among the wealthiest people globally. In this post, we will delve into seven surprising facts about Josef Hordanek’s net worth that you need to know.

Journey to Success

Josef Hordanek began his Journey to success by selling computer accessories while still in college. He later founded his first company, LMC, in 1996, which he successfully sold to Jobindex, a Danish group. Hordanek attributes his success to his hard work, passion, and persistence. He invested his profits into several companies in various sectors, ranging from Media, IT and Real Estate.

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Net Worth Estimates

According to Forbes, Josef Hordanek’s net worth is estimated to be $5.4 billion as of August 2021. This makes him one of the wealthiest people in the Czech Republic.

Investments in Real Estate

Josef Hordanek has invested considerable sums of money into the real estate sector. He is the founder of the CPI Property Group, which is one of the most extensive real estate groups in Central Europe. The group’s total assets value is estimated to be around $9 billion, with a vast portfolio of residential, logistics, office, retail, and hotel properties.

Investments in Startups

Josef Hordanek invests his wealth in various startups globally. He targets companies that have unique business models, technology, and exceptional management teams. He is a big supporter of Czech startups, where he has actively participated in the startup scene, and through his investment company, Rockaway Capital, has invested in more than 300 start-ups worldwide.

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Josef Hordanek is a philanthropist, and his net worth gives him the capacity to give back to society. He is a founding member and donor of the Hrdy Budulinek Foundation, which provides aid to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in the Czech Republic.

Personal Life

Josef Hordanek is low-key about his personal life, but he is married to Petra Hordanek, and they have two children. The family resides in Prague, and Hordanek is known to enjoy classic cars.


Q. What is Josef Hordanek’s net worth?
A. Josef Hordanek’s net worth is estimated to be $5.4 billion.

Q. What is Josef Hordanek’s background?
A. Josef Hordanek is a Czech entrepreneur and investor.

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Q. What is the name of Josef Hordanek’s investment company?
A. The name of Josef Hordanek’s investment company is Rockaway Capital.

Q. Which is Josef Hordanek’s biggest investment in the Czech Republic?
A. Josef Hordanek’s biggest investment in the Czech Republic is the CPI Property Group.

Q. Which foundation has Josef Hordanek supported?
A. Josef Hordanek is the founding member of the Hrdy Budulinek Foundation.

Q. What does Josef Hordanek enjoy?
A. Josef Hordanek is known to enjoy classic cars.

Q. Does Josef Hordanek have any children?
A. Yes, Josef Hordanek is married and has two children.


Josef Hordanek’s net worth is a result of his hard work, dedication, and passion in his profession. His investment in various sectors, including real estate and start-ups, has propelled him to the top of Forbes’ wealthiest list in the Czech Republic. He is also a philanthropist and has given back to society through the Hrdy Budulinek Foundation. Josef Hordanek’s story is inspirational, and it’s essential to take cues from his journey to success.

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